April 2015

Meat Dates

10th/11th April – Fresh Lamb and Pork

17th/18th April – Fresh Lamb and Pork

24th/25th April – Fresh Beef and Lamb

Farm Update

Well we are now nearing the end of a very successful lambing season.  The lambs spent a fortnight in a specially made pen for close observance and then this week (w/b 6th Apr) we put our ewes and their lambs out in the field to enjoy the new spring growth.  Look out for them on your left as you drive out of the village towards Fen Drayton.











As well as the lambs we have also had a few calves born.  They are the offspring of our own bull, Humphrey.


March 2015

Meat Dates

13th/14th March – Fresh Lamb and Pork

20th/21st March – Fresh Beef and Pork

27th/28th March – Fresh Lamb and Pork

2nd/4th April – EASTER WEEKEND  – fresh lamb – please note open Thursday NOT Friday

Farm Update

NEWSFLASH – Lambing has officially started!  The first of hopefully many lambs was born yesterday (15th March).


While David was away on a well earned holiday in South Africa, life at the farm continued to be busy with nearly 30 piglets born as well as a calf!


Spring is here and the ewes are back in the farmyard ready for lambing to start around easter time.



February 2015

Breakfast time

Meat Dates

Feb 6th/7th – Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

Feb 13th/14th – Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

Feb 20th/21st – Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

Feb 27th/28th – No fresh meat

March 6th/7th – Fresh Beef

We do hope to have lamb available at some point in February but at present are unable to confirm when they are likely to be ready.


January 2015


Meat Dates

16th/17th January – Fresh Pork and Bacon

23rd/24th January – Fresh Pork and Lamb

30th/31st January – Fresh Beef

Farm News

By the end of 2014 the bulk of the building work was completed – New tracks laid, slurry tank buried in position, masses of concrete spread and a rainwater harvesting system installed.  All jobs that should make the day to day jobs on the farm more efficient.  Thank you for your patience whilst this work was going on.

December 2014

Everyone at Rosegate Farm would like to wish all their customers a very happy Christmas and their best wishes for the new year 


Meat Dates

5th/6th DecFresh Lamb and Pork

12th/13th DecFresh Lamb and Pork

19th/20th/23rd/24th DecFresh Beef, Lamb and Pork, Sausages, Gammons – Collect your Christmas orders!

Farm Update

November was an exceptionally busy month in the butchery and we thank you again for your custom.  We were very pleased with the popularity of the game and venison and hope you enjoyed the meat!

Swavesey Fireworks BBQ Success

At the beginning of the month we provided the barbeque at the Swavesey Primary School PTA Fireworks spectacular.  The burgers and hot dogs were very well received and we learnt a very valuable lesson in the process – Avoid using butane gas in cold temps as it turns to liquid and refuses to fuel a busy bbq!  Propane next time!  The problem was overcome and we hope everyone went away with their food well cooked and satisfied!

Building Works on the Farm

Over the next few weeks the diggers are moving in to lay new tracks around some of the animal sheds and install rainwater harvesting systems.  These works will provide easier access to the livestock and even better living conditions for the animals.  The rainwater harvesting system will be of great benefit providing water for the fruit and other jobs around the farm.  Please bear with us as this work takes place and we thank you for your patience in advance.  The majority of the work will be taking place away from the main parking/butchery area, however there may be lorries passing through this area at times.


Have you considered giving a meat lover a specialised and unique Christmas present tailored specifically for them.  A Lamb Pack for their freezer.  Stock up their freezer with high quality, traditionally reared Lamb.  Head to our Lamb pack page for more details.



November 2014

Meat Dates

7th and 8th NovFresh Lamb and Fresh Beef

14th and 15th NovPork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

21st and 22nd NovFresh Venison and Fresh Lamb (TBC)

28th and 29th NovFresh Beef and Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

Farm Update

Swavesey Primary School PTA Fireworks

We are very excited to have been asked to provide the meat and cook the barbeque for this event on 5th November.  Doors open at 5pm for food so do come along and sample our beef burgers and the very popular Swavesey sausage, then enjoy the spectacular firework display.  Spread the word, there’s no need to cook your own dinner that evening!


Our hens have progressed very quickly with their egg laying.  We are now getting very few small eggs, and lots of medium and large eggs.

£1.30 for 6 medium eggs

£1.50 for 6 large eggs

We are selling our eggs Monday to Saturday in the fruit stall as well as from in the butchery.

Lamb Freezer Packs

We are also able to offer freezer packs of Lamb over the next few months.  Please visit our page for more information on what is included and the various pack sizes.  If you wish to order a pack please contact us on the number above.

Oct 2014

Meat Dates

3rd/4th October – Fresh Pork, Gammon and Sausages (Chilli and Fennel, Pork and Leek, Gluten Free and Swavesey Sausage)

10th/11th October – Fresh Lamb

17th/18th October – Fresh Pork, Gammon, Bacon and Sausages

24th/25th October – Fresh Beef

31st October/1st November – Fresh Pork, Gammon, Bacon and Sausages

7th/8th November – Fresh Lamb and Fresh Beef

Farm Update

The butchery are now offering Lamb Packs. You will find further details over on our new page.  These packs should save you time, money and be very convenient.  The only requirement is that you have some space in your freezer!

                  20140911_152744             20140911_152114             Whole Lamb pack


Our hens are now laying so we are able to sell eggs on a regular basis.  We are willing to take orders for eggs particularly if you are in need of a regular weekly supply.  If you would like to order please email, phone or simply drop in to the farm to discuss your requirements.

September 2014

Meat Dates

September 5th/6thFresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Bacon

September 12th/13thFresh Lamb

September 19th/20thFresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon, and Bacon

September 26th/27thFresh Beef

Farm Update

The latest project at Rosegate Farm is on the verge of starting.  We are hoping to be able to provide fresh eggs from our farm, available to buy when the butchery is open.  The hens are due to arrive imminently.  We have purchased a large henhouse which comes on skids, enabling us to move it about the farm to provide the hens with plenty of fresh pecking grounds!


We expect the hens to start laying by the end of October, maybe sooner, so watch this space for further updates.

We have also baled and collected plenty of straw from a neighbouring farm to provide bedding for the animals in winter.


Thank you all for your continued custom and recommendations to others.





August 2014

Meat Dates

1st/2nd August Frozen Meat, Cooked Ham and Bacon (butchery only open 10am-12.30 each day)

8th/9th August – Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Ham

15th/16th August – Fresh Lamb

22nd/23rd August – Fresh Pork, Sausages, Gammon and Ham

29th/30th August Fresh Beef

Farm Update

The butchery has had a little change around inside with the introduction of a new display counter.  The new layout seems to be working well so far and allows our customers to see a sample of what is on offer.


With such a warm summer so far, everything on the farm seems to be happening early.  The main strawberry crop has finished which has meant we can no longer offer ‘pick your own’ this year.  Many apologies to those of you who have turned up and had to leave disappointed. However, we do still have fresh strawberries available to buy from our shop.

The plums are ripening very fast too. Please do keep an eye in the shop for these in the next couple of weeks.

The warm but wet weather has provided a plentiful supply of fresh pasture for the animals.  The best possible food they could want.

Our latest piglets were born this week and look a very pretty sight.  They come from our newest boar who has hampshire genes which is where they get their beautiful colourings from.


We are aware that there is a growing demand in the village for fresh, local, free range eggs and are in the process of setting up our own supply.  We will keep you informed as and when we hope to have our own eggs available.

July 2014

Meat Dates

4th/5th JulyFresh Lamb, Pork, sausages, gammon and bacon. Also fresh Alpha Farm free range chicken.


18th/19th JulyFresh Pork, sausages, gammon and bacon

25th/26th July – Fresh Beef

Farm Update

June was another busy month on the farm with the grass being cut for silage.  There is now a healthy supply of winter food for the cows. As you can see in the picture below the cows were as keen as us to see it being cut!


We have also bought a Hereford bull, Humphrey.  This should hopefully enable us to increase the Rosegate Herd and fulfil our aim of providing meat from our own breeding herd, raised entirely at our farm.  This gives us complete transparency of the welfare of the meat we are providing – Something we care about and we are sure our customers do too.


On the 21st June we headed to Swavesey festival to provide the hot dogs and burgers to the crowd.   We had a very busy but enjoyable afternoon. From the good feedback from old and new customers it seems to have been a very successful afternoon.  A big thank you to all those that came and supported us.

festival 012 (2)


We have also seen a good number of customers coming to pick their own strawberries.  It is lovely to see so many young children coming too.

Just to remind you that we have a well stocked freezer of various cuts of frozen meats, sausages and burgers so please do ask if there is anything you want.

Also, you can now find us on Twitter @Rosegate_farm or on facebook.com/Rosegatefarmbutchery.  Please follow/like our pages so that you can be kept up to date with the butchery.