Farm & Butchery News 2018

First of all a huge thank you for all your continued support throughout 2017 and a welcome to those of you who have recently found us!  Thanks to you we have enjoyed our best year to date in the butchery and been privileged to be invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party and win ‘Food Producer of the year’ award from Cambridge News.

The farm continues to grow in stock numbers and as demand for the meat increases we are thankful to pick up some extra grazing in the surrounding villages.  With the increasing flocks and herds there is always plenty to do and, although exhausting at times, we remain as passionate as ever about the livestock we care for and the meat we produce for you, our local customers!

It is rewarding to think the meat we produce here at Rosegate in Swavesey can provide food for so many people in the surrounding area.  Also we would remind you that we always welcome feedback of any variety regarding the meat as we strive to find the best mix of genetics and feed to produce the highest quality meat we can.

With the additional livestock we are now in a position to be able to provide beef, pork, lamb and chicken in the butchery most weekends of the year although it will always be in limited quantities.  We would always advise that if you are planning a special meal that you contact us to preorder your meat.


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About Us

Located on Rose and Crown Road, Swavesey, Ben and Lydia Baker and family at Rosegate Farm are well known locally, having produced raspberries and strawberries here for over 50 years. We are passionate about sustainable farming – low food miles and selling to the local community were part of our business from the very beginning.

In 2010 the youngest member of the family, David, joined the family business and began rearing traditional breed pigs, sheep and cattle to expand the range of fresh local food available to our customers.

Our fresh meat proved so popular that in 2011 we built a butchery on the farm so that we can provide our customers with the exact cuts of meat they require.

People tell us they appreciate the flavour, freshness and quality of our home grown, farm fresh produce. Building on the principle that happy animals result in tasty produce, we ensure that all our animals are kept to the highest standards of welfare.

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Our Fruit

Our delicious strawberries and raspberries are all grown here on the farm, picked daily to ensure they are fresh and ready to eat. Usually the strawberry season extends from the middle of May through until October. Freshly picked strawberries are available from the farm throughout this period and we are open for “Pick Your Own” on Saturdays throughout June. Please check the latest news section of the website for more details of ‘PYO’ dates.

Freshly picked raspberries usually become available in early June and are here through until September.

Larger quantities of both strawberries and raspberries are usually available for functions/jam/freezing although we highly recommend giving us at least a weeks notice so we can be sure we can cater for your exact order.

Plums are also usually available during August.

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Our Pork

All our pork, sausages, bacon and gammon come from traditional breed pigs raised here at Rosegate Farm.  Always check the “latest” section of our website to find out when the next batch will be available!

We currently have a mix of Hampshire, Large White and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, chosen for their flavour and quality lean meat.

Our pigs enjoy the most natural life we can give them, spending the summer rooting around the orchards, especially enjoying windfall plums and apples. They then move inside to spacious, straw bedded pens for the winter for protection from the coldest weather.

We transport the pigs ourselves to a small local abattoir, before collecting the meat ready for it to be butchered, cured or turned into sausages here at the farm!

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Our Beef

The beef available from the Rosegate Farm butchery comes primarily from our own herd. As demand for quality local beef has been so high we occasionally buy in beef animals from 2 other farms we work closely with whilst building up our own herd as quickly as we can. Our aim is that before long all the beef we sell will have been born and reared on the farm, but building up a high quality herd capable of meeting demand takes time! The beef is all either Hereford, Aberdeen Angus or a Hereford/Angus cross, both breeds are known for their fantastic quality beef.

Our beef cattle spend the summer months grazing traditional pastures in and around the village, coming into barns on the farm through the worst of the winter weather and eating our own hay, silage and straw.

We transport them ourselves to the abattoir, giving the animal the best treatment we can to minimise stress. The beef is then hung for at least 21 days in our butchery on the farm before it becomes available directly to you for the perfect weekend roast!

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Our Lamb

The lamb available from the Rosegate Farm butchery comes from our own flock of sheep or from a neighbouring flock in Swavesey.

Reared in Swavesey our lambs graze pastures in and around the village. In the winter their diet is supplemented with our own hay, straw and barley.

As with our pigs and cattle we transport the lambs to the abattoir, before butchering them ourselves back at the farm.


So whether your preference is for a simple chop or a rack-of-lamb please let us know and we will do our best to cater for your tastes!

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Lamb Freezer Packs

You can now make savings in time and money (not to mention the added convenience) on the way you buy your lamb from us by ordering one of our lamb packs.  These are available as quarter, half or whole lamb.  We are willing to tailor your pack to suit your family’s requirements within the constraints of pack size.

We have listed below the typical contents of each pack to give you an idea of what you might receive.

To place an order for a pack please phone or email us using the details above.

Quarter Lamb Pack – Approx £45*

1 x 1/2 shoulder roast
3 cutlets
3 loin chops
1 x 1/2 leg roast on the bone
500g lamb mince
2 chump steaks

Half Lamb Pack – Approx £85*


2 x 1/2 shoulder roasts
6 cutlets
6 loin chops
1 whole leg roast
4 chump steaks
2 x 500g lamb mince

 Whole Lamb Pack – Approx £160*

1 shoulder roast
2 x 1/2 shoulder roasts
8 chump steaks
1 lamb rack
6 cutlets
14 loin chops
1 whole leg roast
2 x 1/2 leg roasts
1 x 400g diced lamb
4 x 500g lamb mince
2 x neck fillet
1 scrag end



*Prices are based on £8.50 per kilo

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Find Us

Tel: 01954 230344

Address: Rosegate Farm, 36 Rose and Crown Road, Swavesey, Cambridgeshire, CB24 4RB

Rosegate Farm on Google MapsDirections from A14:

Take junction 28 (the Cambridge services junction) signposted Swavesey. Follow the road until you enter the village.  Take the first left, Rose and Crown Road, signposted Fen Drayton.  After approximately 200m you will see Rosegate Farm on your right.  Please drive into the yard, there is plenty of parking!

Click on the map to get directions from Google Maps.

Our farm shop is open all year round, Monday – Saturday, 8.00am – 6.00pm, so why not drop by and try some quality local produce for yourself!