January 2014

Breakfast time

Happy New Year to all of our customers, we’d like to thank you for your support, enthusiasm and custom last year and look forward to opening more often and more regularly this year! 

Starting in January…..

Friday 10th & Sat 11th Jan – Fresh pork & sausages

Friday 17th & Sat 18th Jan – Fresh lamb (we’ve got very few lambs left now before a 2-3 month break until it’s time for Spring lamb – so if you’d like to stock up the freezer please let us know in good time if you’d like to order a discounted 1/4 or 1/2 lamb to get you through until May/June)

Friday 24th & Sat 25th Jan – Fresh pork, sausages and bacon

Friday 30th & Sat 31st – Fresh beef

As usual we’ve got a small stock of beef, pork, sausages and lamb in the freezer so please email or call in at the farm in-between our opening times if you’d like to know what we’ve got available.

Also just a reminder to our newer customers, we start butchering with complete carcases and so can supply pretty much any cut that you’d like, we get lots of orders for some of the more traditional cuts that are hard to get in supermarkets or other butchers shops, feel free to email us any requests and we’ll see what we can do!